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Our principle flying site is on Chingford Plains. It is an attractive location accessible to the general public so it is especially important that we fly safely. Please familiarise yourself with our site rules.


Chingford Plains is a large open space of grassland and woodland. It lies between the fork of Bury Road and Rangers Road and runs north east towards Conaught Waters. Free parking for forest users can be found in Bury Road and our flying strip is a 5 minute walk away.

The flying area:
This falls between two lines of trees as marked on the map below by a dotted white line. This must be adhered to as must the 400ft ceiling. We have a grass strip for planes to take-off and land and an adjacent hover patch for drones and helicopters.


Flying conditions:
Members should not fly in conditions that might impair their ability to be in full control of their aircraft. In general we do not fly in rain, fog, mist or snow or in wind speeds over 20mph.

RC aircraft permitted:
Airplanes: IC & electric
Helicopters: IC & electric
Drones: electric

Flying times (all days) are 10.30am to dusk.


chingford location map
chingford site map  

Flying at Chingford Plains:
1. Disabled parking in designated (blue) area restricted to members with written Corporation of London permission, which must be displayed in windscreen.
2. We generally fly 2.4ghz. If you wish to fly 35mhz your transmitter must be specified for uk use. A peg displaying name and channel number must be used (photo optional). An orange pennant (35mhz), bearing the channel number in black or white figures, must be attached to the transmitter aerial.
3. You must not, under any circumstance, taxi a model in/out, through or towards the pits.


4.Membership card, BMFA certificate & permit must be available for inspection. Failure to produce these documents will result in you having to cease flying.
5. Models must not be launched from the pits, or flown over, or behind them.
6. Members must comply with the instructions of the duty safety officer (first safety officer on the field). Should you disagree with his decision, you must take it up with the club committee.
7. Mobile phones must be turned off when on-strip or left in pit area.
8. Members, not holding a minimum of an 'A' certificate must be supervised by a member who does.


Banks Lane is a rented field near Epping. Members wishing to fly there can request directions to the site from a senior member.

Important guidance for all flyers
Be aware that you are not permitted to fly at Banks Lane until you have notified Air Traffic Control at North Weald Airporrt.

If you do not know how to do this then contact a senior member who will tell you what to do. Do not attempt to fly until you have been cleared to do so.


Flying conditions:
Members should not fly in conditions that might impair their ability to be in full control of their aircraft. In general we do not fly in rain, fog, mist or snow or in wind speeds over 20mph.

RC aircraft permitted: Airplanes: Electric. IC is ok if of a reasonable noise level. No fans or jets.

Flying times: (all days) 10:30am to 6pm for electric and IC. Flying electric after 6pm is now permitted if light is still good but no edf or pusher props. Silent is the rule! If we respect the adjoining properties rights to an undisturbed evening we will be allowed to fly, if we do not we will have our flight times restricted.


1.1 Engines must be silenced in accordance with current BMFA regulations for noise emissions.
1.2 Prolonged testing of engines must not be done at any of our flying sites.
1.3 If a member or guest should directly cause damage to another's model or property, that person will be responsible for damage incurred.
1.4 All members must have BMFA insurance either by affiliation through CMFC, another club, or direct membership of the BMFA.


1.5 An Epping Forest Permit must also be obtained through the club to fly at the Chingford site.
1.6 Members should consider the environment where we are fortunate enough to fly. Please ensure no litter of any description is left at our flying sites. Common sense and courtesy should be promoted at all times.

2.1 Only 35MHz/2.4GHz equipment is permitted for use at both sites. (Refer to club rules for crystal numbers and safety procedures).


2.2 Only specified take off and landing areas may be used. These are sited at a safe distance from the pits.
2.3 All incidents on the field involving the club should be reported to the Secretary or club official at the earliest opportunity. Examples of this could be injuries sustained, accidents or conduct contrary to club rules.
2.4 Beginners must be supervised at all times whilst flying by a competent member of the club with appropriate qualifications.


2.5 After take off, pilots must clear the flying area and take up a position on the flight line.
2.6 Pilots must call 'taking off' or 'landing' at the appropriate times.
2.7 Planes must not be made to fly over the pits, people, buildings or parked vehicles.
2.8 Anyone flying FPV must have a competent spotter assisting them throughout the flight.

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