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NOTICEBOARD lists club news, with information related to flying, the current condition of our flying sites etc, SOCIAL covers our Club AGM, pub visits etc and MISC for anything else. Any member wishing to share information on the Noticeboard can send an email to the address below:

Email: info@chingfordmfc.co.uk

  1.7.2022: It is with deep regret the club must announce the loss of our club sectretary, Graham Forsdyke. Graham passed away on 1 July 2022. We believe he suffered an episode during the night and efforts to revive him sadly failed. He will be much missed, he was a dedicated member of the club committee and a good friend to many of us.  

15.5.2022: BMFA Centenary Record Successful Flight
The group flight went well and everyone got into the air just before noon. I believe there were nine planes and one drone flying and one member braved his first solo flight off the buddy box. It was pretty windy and about five minutes into the flight the rain started to fall. Planes were landed and a much hoped for afternoon of flying wasn’t on the cards. A photo was quickly taken of the flyers and then everyone rushed for their cars.

15.4.2022, 12noon: BMFA Centenary Record Attempt
To mark the BMFA Centenary, the BMFA will be attempting to set a new record using model aircraft of all types. It will be a mass participation event at BMFA clubs and other flying sites throughout the UK. The record will be for the total number of aircraft in the air at 12 noon on the 15th May 2022 simultaneously across the UK. Chingford MFC will also be taking part and members wanting to join in should ensure they have registered with Graham our club sectretary. If you are not a club member but want to join us on the day you should also contact our club sectretary and give him notice in advance that you wish to participate. For more information see: https://100.bmfa.org/record

2.11.2021: We have appointed Denis Hammond as our new club safety officer.

18.10.2021: Our club's AGM was held at The Owl. The existing committee members were re-elected to their positions. A motion to consider leaving Banks Lane in return for much reduced club fees was rejected by a clear majority of members present. Members also showed a renewed willingness to assist with the maintenance of both of our sites.


Radio Control Aerobatics - New Pilots Open Day


Following on from the very popular BMFA "In the Air Tonight" - An introduction to Aerobatics, the NORWICH MODEL AERO CLUB are to host an event on Sunday 18th July from 9am at former RAF Coltishall (subject to Covid regulations).

Registrations will be limited to first come, first served in order to ensure participants get the most from the day.

Places are very limited so please book early. During the day, you will be assigned to an experienced Mentor who will be able to assist with correct model set up and all important model trimming. Some of the mentors have represented the UK at World Championship events. Any model that is capable of a loop and a roll will be suitable but must comply with an 82db maximum noise limit. You will be able to hone your skills throughout the day and for those interested will be able to enter a low key Competition at the end of the day.

These events are a great opportunity to take your present flying abilities and develop these onto new levels. Please follow the link below to apply for a place and select CLUBMAN as your entry. There is a £6 entry fee.

Click here to go to entry form.

NB for this event you DO NOT have to be a member of the Great Britain Radio Control Aerobatic Association (GBRCAA) nor a member of the Norwich Model Aero Club. Should you require any further information, please contact Graham Gooch at norwichmodelaeroclub@gmail.com

6.1.2021: Once again we are under lockdown. Everywhere, including our flying sites in Chingford and Epping fall under tier 4 restrictions. Current guidance is whilst outdoor exercise is still allowed, either alone or with one other person, we are now no longer permitted to leave our homes to visit public outdoor places for the purposes of open air recreation.

13.10.2020: Good news for two of our members. On October 5th Kim passed her PfCO test for drone flying and on the 12th Steli passed his Club Examiner’s Test which will doubtless be a big asset to the club.

2.6.2020: Following the Prime Minister's further relaxing of the lock-down rules we are opening up Chingford Plain flying strip. As from Wednesday, June 3, up to 6 people will be allowed on site. Please maintain the 2-metre rule and never more that 6 people present within the pit area. Remember partners, children and friends etc are all included in that maximum number.

As it is likely that Chingford Plain will continue to have larger numbers of the general public enjoying it than usual, members should be prepared to stop flying if people encroach too close to our flying zone or members are unable to maintain 2 metre distancing at the site. Distancing should also be maintained when you position your aircraft and equipment.

For those who have been flying at Banks Lane we are ending the need to apply for a flying slot and up to 6 people will also be permitted on site. Whether you are flying at Chingford or Banks Lane, to help ensure the '6 only' rule please announce your intention to fly on the WhatsApp group before arriving at either site.

12.5.2020: We are back in the air. After very careful consideration of the Government's latest Covid-19 statement and liaison with the site owner, the committee of the Chingford Model Flying Club is pleased to announce that some limited flying can restart at the club's Banks Lane venue in accordance with Government and BMFA guidance. Members should have received an email clarifying our new flying rules.

To briefly summarise, only two club members are allowed on site at any one time. Individual transport to the site – no car sharing.
We are introducing a "flying slot" procedure with the day split into two sessions: 10.00 to 14.00 and 14.00 to 18.00.
You may book a slot by phoning the club secretary or via the club's What'sApp. NO FLYING or attending WITHOUT A BOOKING.

The system starts 13.05.2020. All Government recommended safety measures regarding hygiene, should be adopted, safe distancing, not sharing equipment etc must be followed. We are kicking off flying at Banks Lane where we can control numbers and hope to be able to re-open The Plain as soon as safety issues allow.

25.3.2020: With the country now in lock down over the Covid-19 epidemic, the current BMFA directive is that members must not fly. This also includes any activities that may be regarded as general maintenance of our flying sites. The Government's latest instructions are people should not leave home for non essential activities other than limited forms of exercise and we do not regard flying or any related activities to fall into the category of exercise. The club committee will advise its members should this situation change.

30.1.2020: Update to CAA Drone Regulations. The requirement for all flyers without a minimum A certifcate has been amended. Untll now if you did not have an 'A certificate' you have been required to go to the CAA's website to do an online test for your 'Flyer ID'. You can now opt to do the 'BMFA Registration Competency Certificate' test on the BMFA's own website to get your 'Flyer ID'. If members choose to do their test via the BMFA site it might help the BMFA have a stronger voice in future negociations with the CAA.

5.1.2020: Indoor flying will continue this year at the Holy Family Catholic School. We have recently signed up a number of new flyers which has helped bring down the cost to all quite considerably.
The dates for flying are:
January: Wednesday 15th 2020
February: Wednesday 5th 2020
March: Wednesday 4th & Wednesday 18th 2020
April: Wednesday 8th 2020
All sessions last from 7:30pm to 9:30pm

If any member is interested in visiting the venue when we are there to see if they might like to give it a go, contact Ian, Graham or Nigel and they should be able to help you out.


25.10.2019: A very good turn out from members for our AGM. As always thanks to Gary, out examiner for our recent A and B tests for coming along to our certificate presentation. Jealous members will be practicing harder for next year.

9.10.2019: The club's AGM will be in the evening on Friday 25th October. A brief meeting is planned to be followed by presentations of certificates to our sucessful test candidates. Location will be The Owl. If you are able to get along then let Graham know so he can confirm to the pub how many there will be, and if you want to eat then get there before 7:30pm.


5.10.2019: A & B tests were flown today. David, Jason and Steli all flew successful fixed wing A tests. Steli followed on to fly a successful fixed wing B test. Dave flew a successful helicoper A test and also followed it with a successful fixed wing B test. Many congratulations to them all and also to the Harlow examiners Gary Peacock and Eugene Anker for taking the time to visit us.

1.10.2019: A & B Tests are still planned for Saturday 5th October. Tthe weather looks a little more promising but a definitive decision on if it will be good enough to fly will be made on Thursday. Any members not taking a test who wish to fly on Saturday shouldn't go to the strip until they have confirmation that the tests are over, unless someone being tested has requested their help.

16.9.2019: A reminder for those taking part that our indoor flying season will start on Friday 20th September. 7pm to 9pm at the school sports hall. All details on WhatsApp.

14.9.2019: Our annual Fun Fly day is on 22nd September, 10:30 to dusk. We are allowed a maximum of 6 vehicles on site so we should be able to have lots of planes out on show. As usual our club trainers will be offering test flights to members of the public so maybe we'll get some new people into the club.


9.9.2019: There will be a meet-up around 7pm at The Old Hall Tavern on Thursday 12th September. Purely social and all are welcome. For anyone who doesn't know, it is located next to the roundabout where Hall Lane meets Waltham Way.


19.8.2019: A number of members have applied to Graham to take Powered Fixed Wing A & B Tests and the Helicopter A Test in October.

Below are links to some diagram reference guides to help familiarise you with the manoeuvres required. Please note that they are intended for simple visual reference only. They do not contain the detailed descriptions of how best to perform the manoeuvres, which can be found on the BMFA website (https://achievements.bmfa.org/the-tests). Also note that the BMFA have now produced some YouTube videos to help you with the tests. For A Test candidates go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYBbgPlKPVA

Click links below to view diagram guides for the manoeuvres.

  Powered fixed wing A  
  Powered fixed wing B  
  Helicopter A  

6.6.2019: Update, not too much to tell, the club has sent letters to the CAA, the Air Minister and Ian Duncan Smith, our local MP. You may have received an email from the BMFA which confirms many others have also contacted the CAA though they still remain uncommunicative on much of the detail of their proposal. Anyone who would like to contact them individually please do so.

20.5.2019: Due to the sudden announcement by the CAA of a proposed registration scheme we are considering how to voice our our concerns. After an informal members meeting views were offered and we've now written to the CAA, the Government's Air Minister, and to our local MP. Any member who woud like copies can request them via the email address above.


HobbyKing Warehouse Open Day 11 May 2019

For anyone interested, please check the Whats App group to see who might be car sharing. There already seems to be a good take-up of members intending to make the trek.

HobbyKing's location is Elmsett Airfield. From the M25, Take the A12, junction 28 and head towards Ipswich.


20.4.2019: A meet-up at the Old Hall Tavern (Waltham Way) is announced for the Tuesday 30th of April at around 7pm. Not so much a club meeting, more a general catch-up for anyone with a little time on their hands. A good few of the most faithful have already confirmed attendance. If you're interested in dropping by send us a message via WhatsApp.

25.3.2019: Another Owl event is anounced for Friday 5th April. Let Graham know via the App if you can make it along.There will probably be a few things to catch-up on.

11.1.2019: Another social evening at the Owl is announced for Friday 25th January. As always please let Graham know if you wish to come along. Usual time 7pm-ish and if you want to eat be there before 7:30pm to get your order in.


23.11.2018: An enjoyable evening was had at The Owl yesterday with a good turn out of members. A certificates were presented by examiners Gary and Eddie to those who were successful. For those who could not attend, we will post certificates on to you or let you have them when we next see you so let us know what you want.

Pictured right are Dan, Jake and Nigel.

A Cert

2.11.2018: A club social evening is announced at The Owl for Friday 23rd of November. Aside from the chance to share a few beers, the examiners who conducted our recent tests will be our guests and will be presenting certificates to those that passed. All members are welcome and please let Graham know if you are coming along. Partners are also invited. Remember if you want to eat they stop taking orders after 7:30pm. There will also be the opportunity to renew your membership fee which has now been reduced to £85!


1.10.2018: A & B tests took place yesterday. We were lucky with the weather. The sun was bright and a challenge for the flyers who went up first but the wind was light, the sky was blue and the cows kept their distance. Results were a little mixed due to a few out of character jitters from some usually excellent flyers but we had a good number of passes for the A Test so congratulations to Alex, Daniel, Hugh, Jake and Nigel. Thanks too to Graham and Maggie for organising refreshments.

A special thank you to Gary Peacock, Eddie Cross and Mick Broad our Harlow club examiners who gave up their time and were friendly and encouraging throughout the day.

26.9.2018: A & B Test update! Test date has had to been moved to Sunday 30th September. We are aiming to arrive at the Plains around 10am - there may be cattle to 'shoo' off the strip!

16.9.2018: The club AGM yesterday at The Owl was well attended with a good mix of members from both our flying sites. Principle news was that Ian Hulme was proposed and accepted to take over as club Chairman. Denis Hammond chose to step down as Membership Secretary and Mark Adolphus was voted in to take over the role. Treasurer Peter Harvey presented a concise report on the club accounts which neatly led to a discussion about Banks Lane. The concensus was that member usage had increased significantly over the last year with new members joining so would be worth continuing with if no great change in costs. A question was raised about the need for more precise guidance on flight restrictions at Banks Lane. A working party of Banks Lane flyers were approved to set new guidelines.These will then be added to the website so members can have a single access point for our flying rules and not rely on word of mouth.

29.9.2018: Date for the Achievement Tests has been confirmed at the Plains, with the following day reserved in case of bad weather. Examiners will be overseeing A and B Fixed-wing Certificate Tests. Be aware that A and B test cannot be combined, but both tests can be taken on the same day. You will be expected to provide an airworthy plane to suit conditions. Eg. Wot 4 foamie is not the tool for a really blustery day.

We have a club trainer available (balsa/electric) which will cope with higher winds than a foamie. If you think you might want to use this please arrange a time via our whatsap group to have a trial flight(s) before the Test day. There will not be time for practice on the day. Graham will need to register all tests prior to the event so please let him know if you want to have a go. Those who have already notified him need not do so again. Flying on the Plains on the 29th will be reserved for members doing their test. Other members are asked not to go to the Plains until they have confirmation that the tests are completed. Updates will be given via WhatsApp but provisionally it is suggested that members arrive around 10am.

For anyone who would like to review what the mandatory questions for the A and B test are, you can find them at https://achievements.bmfa.org/mandatory-questions. Don't forget you will also need to know your basic pre-flight and post flight routines.

31.7.2018: Our Fun Fly day is 2nd September when members of the public will be invited along to our club's open day. Anyone interested in flying a remote control aircraft can request a flying experience under the guidance of some of our senior members (depending on the number of interested people and weather of course). And, on this occasion, members will have the rare opportunity of driving across the plains to the strip so we expect to see some larger models in action! If you have a young neighbour, relative etc, please encourage them to come along.


11.7.2018: Normal service has been resumed, let's get back to those airplanes!

7.7.2018: England 2, Sweden 0, England progress to a World Cup semi final! Yes I know it's got nothing to do with flying small airplanes.


1.6.2018: Two diary dates for our members! First, a social evening at The Owl on Friday 15th of June at 7:30pm. Second, the club AMG will be on Friday 14th of September at 8pm.


20.5.2018: Epping & North Weald MFC Car Boot Bring & Buy Sale. Time: 10:00 - 14:00. Entry is £5 per car for buyers and sellers. Use the main gate entrance. Refreshments are available. There will most likely be a good contingent going from CMFC.

13.5.2018: The BMFA Workshop event had a good turnout from Chingford with Caner, Dave, Denis, Graham, Ian, Nigel and Saeid in attendance. Weather was changeable but didn't affect the day too much. Hot food and drink was plentiful and it was all very well organised by Chelmsford MFU who have been sent a well deserved thank you from our club. A lot of useful information was given in how to prepare for 'A' and 'B' tests with demonstration flights to show the standard expected of both tests. Chelmsford has an enviable site with a very large main strip and a wide open space to fly. There was a secondary patch for control line planes, benches were in abundance, and, most desirable of all, a portaloo!

12.5.2018: East Anglia Area Examiners Workshop. Members are invited to put their names forward to attend this event held by the East Anglia Area and hosted by Chelmsford MFA. It will be held at 10am Its purpose is to allow pilots, instructors and examiners to experience, share information and discuss the requirements of fixed wing 'A' and 'B' tests in a relaxed and informal environment. It should be an enjoyable day out. It will include a barbecue for which there will be a small charge and the opportunity to fly as well. Contact Graham if interested.

10.5.2018: In accordance with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation on the 25th of this month an email has been sent by the club secretary to all members to confirm the contact information we hold on our database about you, who is allowed access to it and how it is secured. Members are required to give us positive agreement that we can hold this information. Please read the email carefully and respond by the 25th. If there is anything that needs clarification, please ask!

1.5.2018: Banks Lane is available again for flying again.

22.4.18: Some much needed trimming of the strip at Chingford is planned for today, anyone with time and a set of shears are welcome to help. Meet for 11am at the car park.

17.2.2018: A social night is proposed at The Owl for the 20th of April, it will be a Friday as usual. If you are able to come along let Graham know via the App so he can book a table.

25.2.2018: Please note that our site at Banks Lane is, unsurprisingly currently waterlogged and flying there will not be possible until further notice.


17.2.2018: Our latest get together at The Owl will be at around 7pm, please arrive in good time as last food orders from the menu is 7:30pm.


2.2.2018: Saeid has a large number of LiPo batteries available, different sizes. Anyone interested, contact him on Whats App for further information.


31.9.2017: A social evening atThe Owl is announced where there will be a presentation to those who recently passed their 'A' tests.The examiners who gave their valuable time have also been invited along. 7pm onwards.


30.9.2017: Denis, Spike, Ian, Caner and Saied all successfully passed their 'A' tests today!

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