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  THE CLUB              

The club has been flying on the Plain since c.1936. We have members from all walks of life.

Over the last few years we have had a welcome crop of younger flyers join the club and help make it a little more youthful and the club is currently in excellent health.

Attracting new people into our hobby is still important to us. Whilst we like to keep our numbers to a manageable level we are always open to considering new applicants. Junior applicants are also welcome if accompanied by their parent (or guardian).


If you don't have much or any experience in this hobby we have sufficient expertise amongst our numbers to help guide you and try to make those first few knocks small ones!

We have two sites, one at Chingford Plains and the other at Banks Lane. You can find our more information about them on the 'Where we fly' page.

We share use of Chingford Plain with Enfield Model Flying Club, so whenever you want to fly it is quite likely that you will find someone else looking to fly too.


If you happen to be passing when we are flying on Chingford Plain, feel free to introduce yourself and mention that you are interested in learning a bit about the club.

Bear in mind any RC pilot actively flying may be concentrating on their plane too much to talk but other members present should be happy to chat about our hobby.

Better still would be if you contact us first. We can then arrange for you to meet up with some of our committee members and with luck maybe have an instructor take you up on a trainer plane so you can sample a flight.


We generally allow someone to up to three test flights with us before you need to become a member, so you should have a chance to try things out and see if this is something for you.

To be invited to join our club we would want to be confident that you will follow the rules and regulations that govern us and would be intending to devote time to developing your flying skills.

If you are invited to join us, you can download our application form (see link below for Membership Application Form) and we can take it from there.








Membership Secretary



Digital Media Secretary


Safety Officer




Senior membership £104:00 including Drone Registration fee or £95 excluding Drone Registration fee.
Junior membership £20:00

A recent additional cost to membership is the introduction of the CAA's Drone Registration Scheme fee (currently £9) and all flyers must pay this. You can instruct us to pay this fee to the CAA on your behalf or you can choose to pay this fee directly to the CAA. All membership fees include BMFA Membership, BMFA Insurance and an Epping Forest Model Aircraft Permit.

If you have paid your BMFA insurance directly to the BMFA contact us to confirm what discount may be applicable.




1. Flying at either club flying site is not permitted until your application has been processed and accepted and you are in receipt of your paperwork and familiarised yourself with the clubs rules/constitution. You will need to meet us before we can process an application.

2. New members are subject to a minimum twelve months probationary period.


3. Successful applicants who do not hold a minimum BMFA 'A' certificate in model flying must be supervised by a member who does. We currently ask Drone flyers to have a PfCO licence if they wish to fly solo. If you hold a different licence please advise us which it is.

4. Children (under 18yrs of age) or vulnerable adults must be supervised and have their parent, guardian or carer in attendance at all times.


5. By signing the application you agree to abide by/uphold the Club rules/constitution.

6. At Chingford Plain and Banks Lane flying times are from 10.30am to dusk.

7. Abuse of the rules will lead to disciplinary action.

8. The committee reserves the right to refuse membership.


To apply for membership download and print the application form, fill it in and post it to the Membership Secretary.

The application form contains full details of payment methods.

Click here to download our Membership Application Form.




We have a downloadable pdf document which contains information about our club rules, the general aims of the club, who is eligible for membership, AGMs and dispute procedure. It also details how we protect any data that you share with us.

Click here to download our Club Constitution.




We have a downloadable pdf document which contains guidance for new members. It has some simplified advice about aircraft and transmitter set-up and your first flight, mostly intended to help a novice pilot. However, all pilots whatever their skill level must be aware of our safety codes, the need to perform all the preflight checks listed and our warning calls.

There is additional information to be found in 'Where We Fly' with maps illustrating our flying boundaries and gives further guidance on our rules.

Click here to download our New Members Guide




Please note that we are a not-for-profit enthusiasts club and do not have funds to pay for design work. Such work is done by club volunteers.

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