Flying Guide


1.1 Engines must be silenced in accordance with current BMFA regulations for noise emissions.

1.2 Prolonged testing of engines must not be done at any of our flying sites.

1.3 If a member or guest should directly cause damage to another’s model or property, that person will be responsible for damage incurred.

1.4 All members must have BMFA insurance either by affiliation through CMFC, another club, or direct membership of the BMFA.

1.5 An Epping Forest Permit must also be obtained through the club to fly at the Chingford site.

1.6 Members should consider the environment where we are fortunate enough to fly. Please ensure no litter of any description is left at the flying site. Common sense and courtesy should be promoted at all times.


2.1 Only 35MHz/2.4GHz equipment is permitted for use at both sites. (Refer to club rules for crystal numbers and safety procedures.)

2.2 Only specified take off and landing areas may be used. These are sited at a safe distance from the pits.

2.3 All incidents on the field involving the club should be reported to the Secretary or club official at the earliest opportunity. Examples of this could be injuries sustained, accidents or conduct contrary to club rules.

2.4 Beginners must be supervised at all times whilst flying by a competent member of the club with appropriate qualifications.

2.5 After take off, pilots must clear the flying area and take up a position on the flight line.

2.6 Pilots must call ‘taking off ’ or ‘landing ‘at the appropriate times.

2.7 Planes must not be made to fly over the pits, people, buildings or parked vehicles.

CMFC Members.

Members please note:

The above are general guidelines on which some of the club rules are based. Please refer to your club welcome pack for current club rules and regulations.

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