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The GALLERY is a photo diary of activities at our flying sites. If members want to send their own photos for inclusion mail them with any relevant details to the email address below.

Email: info@chingfordmfc.co.uk


30.12.2018: An Enfield member has joined us on the Plain today. Denis and Ian volunteer to set his plane up for him.


4.12.2018: Pitts Special returns after some tweaks, now flying more strongly..


4.12.2018: A decent turn out for a cold December day. The absence of wind makes things a little better.


20.10.2018: Pitts Special flying for the first time. A trifle underpowered leading to a tricky time for the pilot.


19.10.2018: Some nice acrobatic flying from a Pitts Python.


19.10.2018: A Hummer breaks cover. A swarm of these are likely to appear once the weather gets better.


30.9.2018: Members assemble today for their A & B tests.


30.9.2018: Jake is congratulated by examiner Mick Broad on a successful 'A' pass.


30.9.2018: Maggie's refreshments are greatly appreciated!


30.9.2018: Dan with examiner Gary Peacock, setting-up his WOT 4 to start his test.


2.9.2018: Our Fun Fly Open Day teased out a good range of larger aircraft, here a Capiche 140EX.


2.9.2018:There were a number of requests for flights on Denis's trainer, here's one of our younger pilots.


17.8.2018: Preparing John's Wot 4 for a payload drop.


17.8.2018: Payload drop was not a total success so a few flybys were tried with a streamer.


17.8.2018: Final approach with streamer.


11.8.2018: A windy day but a Pitts Python seems to fly very well.


1.8.2018: A quick check of the runway, the windsock suggests it's a bit blustery.


1.8.2018: Always good to have a new member join us and today it's a first visit to the strip for Dave.


1.8.2018: Not the customary foamie but a hand-built three channel balsa wood trainer.


1.8.2018: No problems and a good first flight.


16.7.2018: A hot and windless evening and some lazy gliding with Dan's Parkzone Radian.


16.7.2018: Another view of the Radian.


16.7.2018: A very acrobatic Great Planes Factor 3D.


16.7.2018: One of our growing collection of Max Thrust Riot's getting another run out.


12.7.2018: Marlandro happy after practising another successful landing.


23.6.2018: Today the club's at North Weald, Wings & Wheels and Steve Carr is flying his large scale Yak 54.


23.6.2018: Yet more smoke from the Yak 54.


23.6.2018: Members taking a break at the festival.


22.6.2018: Graham's Funcub on a fly-by.


22.6.2018: Another Riot turns up, ready for its maiden flight.


22.6.2018: Clean take-off and stable flight and minimal trimming required.


13.6.2018: A calm day so Steve gives his Sopwith Pup an outing.


13.6.2018: A four stroke engine makes a nice contrast to the electric planes flying over our strip.


10.6.2018: Training one of our younger members. Denis talks through flying his Apprentice S on dual transmitters.


3.6.2018: 3.6.2018: First flight for the Max Thrust Riot. Will it ever look this nice again?


20.5.2018: An outbreak of drones terrorises our runway, this was the most colourful.


12.5.2018: CMFC go to Chelmsford MFA for a BMFA Achievement Scheme workshop. Lots of safety benches on view.


12.5.2018: After the training talks the demonstration flights get started, first with a review of correct pre-flight procedure.


12.5.2018: A much travelled Inspire draws interest.


212.5.2018: BJCRAFT Inspire taking off to demonstrate flying a 'B' test.


18.4.2018: The Cirrus is almost ready to go up on a shared buddy cord.


18.4.2018: Great Planes Cirrus in flight.


5.4.2018: A Junior 60, 3 channel electric gets all the attention today.


5.4.2018: A little undecided, Saeid turns up with a Viper and a Junior 60.


26.3.2018: Dan flying his Optera on his FPV headset with another club member acting as spotter.


26.3.2018: Last check of a Sebart Miss Wind S before its maiden flight.


26.3.2018: The Seibart looked fast and agile.


24.3.2018: One of our more popular planes, a WOT 4 can be a well behaved trainer or set-up for fast acrobatics.


23.3.2018: Small repair work, and a new cowl needed for the Durafly Tundra.


11.3.2018: Silvui's Ripmax Bossanova preparing to indulge in some high speed fun.


11.3.2018: High hopes for Silvui's repaired Tec Sumo.


30.9.2017: Flanked by examiners Eddie Cross and Garry Peacock are Denis, Spike, Ian, Caner and Saadat who all successfully passed their 'A' tests.

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