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The GALLERY is a photo diary of images contributed by our members. Members can submit photos for inclusion with any relevant details to the email address below.

Email: info@chingfordmfc.co.uk


23.5.2020: Sterling mowing effort from Steli today and even better, he supplies his own photos!


16.5.2020: Picturesque (but rather long range shot) of Dave flying his Flick 3D.


16.5.2020: James's brings his SAB Kraken along for his first visit to Banks Lane.


16.5.2020: Months not flying encouraged Jason to fill his car with aircraft.


15.5.2020: We're back, 2 flyers only can share a session at our Banks Lane site. Steli and Dave carefully set-up for their first flights.


15.5.2020: Wind sock planted with a cross wind showing, next select a plane.


15.5.2020: Steli's choices today include an Addiction, shown here, a self made 'SteliWing' and a Dig Alula.


15.5.2020: And for a some light relief a FlipMode quad.


16.5.2020: Practising knife edges with the Addiction.


16.5.2020: Dave's brought out a pair of planes.


16.5.2020: A tried and trusted Wot4.


Dave's Ben Buckle Junior 60 has been a while 'in-build' but finally gets its maiden.


5.2.2020: Cold but a nice blue sky coaxes Caner, Dave and Steve out to fly today.


5.2.2020: Caner preflight checks his F3A pattern plane.


5.2.2020: Dave's Dynam Sbach taking off.


5.2.2020: Knife edge practice.


5.2.2020: No wind today so a great day for a lightweight Hummer.


5.2.2020: Hummer is a great plane for practicing more complex manoeuvres.


5.2.2020: A water logged strip is a good excuse for flying a Blade 450.


5.2.2020: The Blade isn't too large but a clear sky makes for good visibility.




5.2.2020: Steve's Arcus F3A gets an airing.


4.1.2020: A cold grey day but two members make it out for the first flight of the New Year


4.1.2020: It's been wet for weeks. The flying strip is a mud bath so no chance to fly anything too complicated.


4.1.2020: Dave's cold fingers try to fly his drone.

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