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The GALLERY is a photo diary of images contributed by our members. Members can submit photos for inclusion with any relevant details to the email address below.

Email: info@chingfordmfc.co.uk


15.11.2019: Back at the Sportshall and Steve wastes no time practising with his new Yak and tries for a knife-edge.


15.11.2019: Prop hangs are a bit harder. Steve's barely glanced at his instruction manual and not set his flight modes yet.


15.11.2019: Inching into position for a nice photo for the website.


15.11.2019: Finally up there, and we're hoping we might have photos of all 3 of our Yaks hanging together next time.


1.11.2019: A rainy day but fortunately we have a back-up plan, today we're flying at our local sportshall.


1.11.2019: Horizon Hobby Cessna seems a little quick but does a good job of avoiding the walls.


11.11.2019: Another fly past from the Cessna.


1.11.2019: A Blade MSR flown by a guest who seems up for joining the group.


1.11.2019: E-Fite Vapor, simple controls but one of the nicest flying indoor planes.


1.11.2019: A predecessor to the Vapor the mk.2 Ember can be flown on a Spektrum tx.


1.11.2019: A home-made 'stick' about to take-off for its maiden flight.


1.11.2019: Quite large and quick for an indoor plane the 'stick' flies really well.


23.10.1019: Caner's Morane Soulier is called on for some towing duty.


23.10.2019: Steli sets up his glider with Dave flying the Morane.


23.10.2019: Maybe not the ideal towing plane but the Morane has a powerful engine.


21.10.2019: Time to get some altitude.


23.10.2019: Low rain clouds makes it a bit hazy today, glider is just about to separate.


23.10.2019: About to drop the tow rope.


23.10.2019: Job done, the Morane flies a couple more circuits.


23.10.2019: Coming in to land.


23:10.2019: Another tow-up with a Zaggi wing.


23:10.2019: Zaggi on a landing approach.


23:10.2019: We all had a fly with Caner's particularly well set-up Hummer.


23:10.2019: A well specced motor seemed to make all the difference.


22.10.2019: A bright and calm day and an outing for a Super Decathalon.


22.10.2019: Damien's Max Thrust Ruckas out again after a few repairs.


22.10.2019: A Durafly Spitfire sounds a little different with a 5 bladed propeller.


22.10.2019: Close-up of the Spitfire.


5.10.2019: Today our members are having 'A' &' B' tests. This looks like a particularly well organised set-up.


5.10.2019: Steli is first up and flies his 'A' test with his Riot.


5.10.2019: A 'B' test is later flown with an Ultra Stick.


5.20.2019: Both flights were successful and examiners Gary and Eugene offer their congratulations.


5.10.2019: Dave setting up for his helicopter 'A' test.


5.10.2019: Holding the first hover position.


5.10.2019: Dave also flew a fixed wing 'B' test, thanks to Saadat's loan of his Addiction.


5.10.2019: Dave with our examiners after success in both tests.


5.10.2019: Jason about to take-off for a successful 'A' test flight with his Tundra.


5.10.2019: David gets ready for his' A' test with an IC Wot 4, assisted here by Ian.


5.10.2019: It took a little time for his thumbs to settle down but another successful test was completed.


5.10.2019: David, looking slightly less enthusiastic about post flight questions.


5.10.2019: Saeid going through pre-flight for a fixed wing 'B' test.


5.10.2019: Addiction ready for flight.


5.10.2019: Ultimately flat spins proved a challenge but next time out looks much more promising.


5.10.2019: Candidates with supporting members and examiners. With a special thank you to Caner for providing much needed refreshments.


16.9.2019: A Hanger 9 Ultra Stick with a sweet sounding IC engine.


16.9.2019: Steli about to maiden a new Spitfire.


16.9.2019: Landing practice for the Ruckas.


16.9.2019: Our members are accumulating wings, here a Hobbyking Bonsai.


16.9.2019: A nice day for some lazy gliding if you can got some help taking off.


16.9.2019: Needed a lot of trimming but easy enough when you have long flight times.


16.9.2019: An inverted Precision Aerobatics Katana.


14.9.2019: Caner about to test fly his new Precision Aerobatics Electric Shock.


8.9.2019: A smooth flight from Denis's Max Thrust Riot.


8.9.2019: Another outing for the Addiction. 3D planes seem to be very popular right now.


8.9.2019: Addiction flies nicely any way up.


8.9.2019: Hacker Flick 3D. If Kings Lynn Models get more stock they might get a few extra sales!


8.9.2019: From the depths of his garage Ian found a SebArt Katana hiding away.


8.9.2019: Maiden flight starts well.


8.9.2019: Not too much trimming needed but no acrobatics just yet.


8.9.2019: Coasting in for a gentle landing.


8.9.2019: A hot Sunday and a bright blue sky brings lots of planes out. Here's Caner's Katana.


8.9.2019: Katana practicing a knife edge.


3.9.2019: Strong winds at the Plain today but Saadat's Precision Aerobatics Addiction flew very well.


3.9.2019: Another view of the Addiction.


1.9.2019: Some practice flights with an Align TRex 500.


1.9.2019: Align TRex 500 mid loop.


1.9.2019: A windy day was a bit of a challenge for the Dragonfly.


1.9.2019: Hummer was blown about a bit but still fun to fly.


23.8.2019: Saeid gets out the flying strip's new grass strimmer.


23.8.2019: Little and large and very little.


23.8.2019: Dave flying his Align Trex 500X.


23.8.2019: The model builder (right) with a chopped down Lidl glider, looking a little unenthusiastic about flying it.


23.8.2019: Not strictly rc but we're fans of nearby North Weald airfield. Here a pair of Strikemaster's heading off to Clacton.


23.8.2019: Canadair Shooting Star. North Weald is a great place if you like If you like to photograph military aircraft.


23.8.2019: Mig 15 taxiing out onto runway.


28.8.2019: Mig 15 in flight.


9.6.2019: Caner brings out his acrobatic Katana.


9.6.2019: A new scratch built bi-plane being prepared for its maiden.


9.6.2019: A short body made taxiing a little 'bouncy' and flight was a challenge too.


6.6.2019: Steli testing the new club windsock, or possibly trimming in his new paramotor.


27.5.2019: Return of the drones. a big thumbs up to Dave for making Stevie's day!


4.5.2019: Good to have a helping hand, the Angel makes it's final flight.


24.5.2019: Saadat's nice but very slow flying Yak.


24.5.2019: Dave looking pleased to be flying his IC Wot 4 today.


4.5.2019: A hot afternoon as pre-flight checks start in the 'pits'.


24.5.2019: Stevie returns to sort out some 'niggles' with his drone.


24.5.2019: Sadly still a few issues which is why there's another pic as tribute to the ex multi rotor.


19.5.2019: After an absence Marlandro returns and seems happy to be back.


11.5.2019: A club trip to Elmsett airfield, home to Hobbyking.


11.5.2019: 10am and warehouse doors are opened.


11.5.2019: Possibly the day's best deal, a £50 Walkera Aibao VR drone, sold for spares and haggled down to £30.


11.5.2019: Will it fly? Yes it did! More testing needed but the 4K display looked good.


2.4.2019: This Saturday is the Chingford May Day Fayre so flying might be a bit restricted.


2.4.2019: Nearby wicker towers should keep pilots on their toes when they are set on fire!


2.4.2019: A reduced fly zone means a good day for dusting down a Hummer.


22.4.2019: Winch launched glider. A lot of hard work needed to get this flying.


19.4.2019: Dave getting his 'eye in' with some hover practice.


9.4.2019: Thumbs warmed up, the T-Rex 500 starts to fly some patterns.


29.4.2019: Saadat has brought a collection to choose from.


19.4.2019: Some fueling problems sadly delayed this plane from taking flight.


18.4.2019: A heavy balsa & plywood construction makes the Stick unflappable in the breeze.


17.4.2019: Will it fly? Some pre-flight head scratching for Saeid's Phoenix 7.


17.4.2019: A fast and faultless test flight.


17.4.2019: Something a little more graceful from Denis's 4 stroke.


17.4.2019: Another try out for Caner's acrobatic Addiction.


17.4.2019: Not entirely sure what this is but it has a new wing and, with a little trimming flew entertainingly!


17.4.2019: Another sporty one, a Hacker CZ Flick 3D.


30.3.2019: Len shows up with a Piper Cub.


30.3.2019: Caner's Morane Soulier.


29.3.2019:They don't all have an engine but a few test throws were required before this was ready to fly.


29.3.2019: Finally up with the help of a bungee cord.


29.3.2019: Steli with his rather large and impressive Ultra Stick.


29.3.2019: A flash of sunshine brings members out of hibernation and down to the Plain.


29.3.2019: The main attraction, Denis is preparing to maiden his new Seagull Fairchild PT-19.


29.3.2019: Everyone wanted to get involved with this one.


29.3.2019: Taxing for take-off was challenging with the strip's ruts seeming like pot holes.


29.3.2019: Ian with his new St Model Acrobat. Good to bank a 'before' pic before it flies.


29.3.2019: Shaun about to test fly something a little smaller.


29.3.2019: Probably the easiest hand launch of the year. The flight went downhill from here!


223.3.2019: Experienced eyes are called upon to check if the airframe is straight.




23.3.2019: A loud but entertaining Bixler 2. Note to other Bixler flyers, magnets won't hold the cowl on if you fly too enthusiastically!


23.3.2019: First of 2 new Hummer's that have turned up for maiden flights today, were getting enough for a formation team now.


25.2.2019: A rare sighting of a hand launched glider. Cooling day and lack of thermals makes for a tiring exercise.


4.1.2019: First flight of the New Year. To no great surprise, despite the cold Caner is first out, accompanied here by David.

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