Application for Membership

Please read before applying for Membership.

1. Flying at either club flying site, is not permitted, until your application has been processed, accepted, you are in receipt of your paperwork and familiarised yourself with the clubs rules/constitution.

2. New members are subject to a minimum of twelve months probationary period during which time they cannot fly at the Banks lane-flying site unless supervised at all times by a full CMFC member.

3. Successful applicants who do not hold a minimum BMFA 'A' certificate in model flying must be supervised by a member who does.

4. Helicopters are not allowed at the Banks lane-flying site.

5. Children (under 18yrs of age) or vulnerable adults must be supervised and have their parent, guardian or carer in attendance at all times.

6. By signing the application you agree to abide by/uphold the Club rules/constitution

7. Flying times are 10.30am to dusk on Chingford plains and 11.00am to 6.00pm at Banks lane.

8. Abuse of the rules will lead to disciplinary action.

9. In compliance with BMFA advice and the Interclub safety committee, Radio control equipment must be 35mhz and specified for UK use.

10. The committee reserves the right to refuse membership.

For a membership application pack click on the button, print the form, fill and post to the Membership Secretary.