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ABOUT US: CONSTITUTION. Here you will find information about our club rules, the general aims of the club, who is elligible for membership, AGMs and dispute proceedure.

It also details how we protect any data that you share with us.



1. The club shall be called the CHINGFORD MODEL FLYING CLUB and will be affiliated to the BRITISH MODEL FLYING ASSOCIATION. All members with exception to social membership, must be members of the BMFA and must be able to provide evidence of such when flying on a club field. A "member" means any class of membership.

2. A member may be made a life member for extensive services to the club. Life members can only be created by majority ballot at a general meeting.

3. The principal aim of the club shall be the promotion of safe and responsible model aircraft flying. In particular, to concentrate interest in Fixed Wing, and to encourage participation in the BMFA R/C Power Achievement Scheme.

4. All members, without exception, must obey all club rules. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action which may lead to dismissal.

5. Any member deemed to be breaking club rules, or bringing the club into disrepute, shall in the first instance receive a verbal warning from the Committee.

Temporary suspension may be imposed, if deemed appropriate. In the event of any further incident, the member will receive a final written warning. The member will hold the right to appeal at this stage. Any further infringement occurring within twelve months of the first incident will result in expulsion from the club.

The Committee's decision is final and can only be challenged, by appeal from the member, at an EGM called for the purpose. Normal general meeting voting procedures shall apply. In the event of dismissal the Committee will arrange for the Member's current membership fee to be reimbursed in full.

6. In the event of gross misconduct, immediate suspension without warning may be considered, but the member must be accorded rights to present his case to the Committee.

7. The club is open to persons over the age of eighteen for Full Membership. Both Family and Junior membership is available on request (Social member status (non flying) is available (approved AGM 2007). Application to join the club shall be submitted on the club New Membership Application Form together with a cheque, drawn in favour of the CMFC, for the appropriate current annual fee. Successful applicants will receive written confirmation of BMFA membership and insurance cover together with a Licence to fly on Chingford Plains. A CMFC membership card, bearing photograph & individual details, will also be given

.8. The Committee has the right to refuse membership to new applicants.

9. All new members shall serve a probationary period of TWELVE MONTHS and are expected to attend club meetings and regular visits to the flying field. During that time they will not be eligible to serve on the committee. An applicant proven to have falsified information submitted on the application form would be refused full membership.

10. In order to maintain accurate club records, membership annual renewal fees must be accompanied by the submission of a fully completed "New Membership Application Form".


11. Prime Directive - All fliers must observe field discipline & comply with the Air Navigation Order, all relevant BMFA safety codes as contained within the BMFA Members' Handbook & Civil Aviation publication - (CAP) 658.

12. The Chingford Model Flying Club will publish & maintain its own Field/Safety Rules. The rules will relate directly & pertinently to the club fields, they must be observed at all times. The rules will be under constant review, & can be revised by Committee decision at any time. Members will be kept informed of change at all times.

13. The Field Safety Rules for Chingford Plains, currently in vogue (June 2004), are as listed in the Enfield Model Flying Club covering document. These rules have been drawn up & agreed by the Inter Club Safety Committee & have been adopted by all three clubs whose members have permit entitlement, i.e. Chingford, Enfield & West Essex. The rules will govern all flying that takes place from the designated strip. N.B. Any references to Constitution items relate to the Enfield clubs own Constitution.

14. The Executive, other Committee Members, Safety Officer and Instructors, will be responsible for the safe running of the flying field(s) at all times. Appointment to the position of Safety Officer, Instructor or Examiner will & can only be made by a Committee decision.

15. All flying members must attain the BMFA 'A' Certificate before being allowed to fly entirely without supervision.

16. Any member whose flying standards drop below the minimum requirement solo standard will be required to revert to supervised flying until the desired standards of flying are regained.

17. The Executive Committee shall consist of four officers. These shall be the Honorary Life President, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The committee shall hold meetings as often as it deems necessary.

18.The committee of the club shall comprise not more than Nine members including the Executive Committee. A quorum of any Committee Meeting shall consist of a majority of Committee Members.

19. No member of the Committee or other Officer of the club may be a Committee Member or Officer of any other model flying club. (N.B. This ruling shall exclude the Honorary Life President - E.A. Hills)

20. Should a committee post fall vacant, the Committee may co-opt a replacement who will then serve until the following AGM.

21. The Treasurer & at least one other Executive will be required to submit a signature sample for banking reference purposes.

22. The Treasurer will administer the financial dealings of the club, & will maintain full record of all ransactions.

23. An Auditor shall be selected & authorised by the Committee to examine the accounts before the AGM. The person chosen need not be a club member.

24. The Auditor will verify that the balance sheet is correct & fairly represents the expenditure & receipts of the club, its assets & liabilities.

25. An audited statement of accounts will be submitted to the Annual General Meeting, for ratification. Interim reports may be requested by committee from time to time.


Voting and Conduct of Meetings
26. Members elected to office will have full voting rights at all meetings. In the event of a tie the Chairman will have casting vote.

27. All meetings are to have an agenda & minutes are to be recorded.

28. A quorum of any general meeting is to be at least one quarter of the membership.

29. Voting will normally be by show of hands; however a secret ballot must be taken should any member request this be done. Proxy & postal votes will not be allowed.

Annual General Meetings
30. The Annual General Meeting shall be held on or near to the 3rd week in October each year. Members shall be given notice in writing, three weeks ahead of the AGM. The agenda for the AGM should include:
• Apologies for absence
The reading of the Minutes of the previous AGM
• Matters arising from the minutes
• The Chairman's Report
• The Secretary's Report
• The Treasurer's Report - To include the adoption of Audited Accounts for the Year Ended, and to adjust the annual subscription as appropriate.
• The Election of Officers for the next club year. (Item 31 applies)
• Constitution changes - Written proposals to be with the Secretary 14 days before the AGM.
• Any other business - Topics will only be accepted at general meetings, if 14 days advance written notice of discussion proposals, have been given to the Secretary.

31. Qualification & procedure for the nomination of Officers is as under:-
• A member willing to stand as the Club Chairman must have been a full club member for THREE years.
• Members willing to take up any other Executive Committee role must have been a full member for TWO years.
• Members willing to fill any other official post must have been a full member for ONE year.

32. It is preferred that nomination forms are submitted if possible two weeks prior to the AGM. Officers should be proposed and seconded by two full members of one year standing. Prior consent should be sought from the nominee. Nominations will however be accepted from the floor at the AGM up to the time of the election.

33. In the event where the serving committee elect to stand down en bloc, & where there are no members eligible to fill the vacant posts, the Honorary Life President shall invoke special powers to resolve the impasse. He will be empowered to waive the qualification rules (Item 31) & at his discretion direct the election of officers accordingly. If in order to resolve the matter.

Extraordinary Meetings
34. The Secretary shall convene an Extraordinary General Meeting of the club by a resolution of the Committee stating the business to be brought before the meeting. Three weeks notice must be given to all members in writing stating the business to be

35. The Secretary shall convene an Extraordinary General Meeting of the club on receipt of a request in writing signed by not less than one third of the club membership. Three
weeks notice must be given to all members in writing stating the business to be discussed.


Policy Related to Children and Vulnerable Adults


• So long as the club lists members who fall within the category, (N.B. a person under 18 is regarded as a child), a Club Welfare Officer is obligatory. It will be the duty of the incumbent to interpret the BMFA policy & to be fully involved in any relevant dealings.
• An Instructor, willing to carry out flying instruction involving either children or vulnerable adults, must be vetted & declared eligible, through due process as determined by the CWO
• A "Buddy Box System" must be in use for all Initial instruction sessions.
• Flying in this category when under instruction, or by right of individual
BMFA Achievement Status, must always be in the presence of either the parent of the child, or the adult's normal carer.

Dissolution of the Club
37. Should it be considered necessary or desirable to dissolve the Club, the Committee will call an Extraordinary General Meeting. Should a quorum fail to appear, the meeting will be adjourned & a further EGM must be called. The second meeting will proceed even if a quorum is not present & the motion will then be carried by a simple majority vote.

On dissolution, following the sale of assets & the settlement of all outstanding debts, any funds remaining will be dispersed equally between the paid-up members,
together with a final statement of accounts.

Amendments passed AGM 2007
Proposed amendments following notice of motion 2008

How We Protect Your Data:
We protect our members data in compliance with the GDPR Privacy Laws of 2018.The data we hold is restricted solely to contact information required to process club membership and contact members with information in regard to club activities. This consists of Membership Number, Name and Address, Telephone Number (where provided) and e-mail address plus, for junior members, date of birth. Additionally the last payment date and expiry date are recorded.

Members can opt out at any time by contacting the club secretary. Members can request what details the club holds about them at any time. Records of members contact information are held by the Club Secretary and Treasurer on secure computer systems.

Contact information is held only as long as a member continues to pay their subscription. If this should lapse members will be given a reminder to renew. Should they decide to discontinue membership their details will be removed from our database. Members will be requested to confirm their contact information is correct each year when they renew their membership and consent to us holding it.

The club does not retain any financial information that might be given to it in regard to membership renewals.

CMFU Website Content:
Content on this site that has been supplied by its members such as photos and videos remains their intellectual property.

A member can at any time contact the site master and request removal of their content.

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