About Us

Welcome to the CMFC Website

Chingford Model Flying Club was founded back in the 1930s and is affiliated to the British Model Flying Association, the representative body for model flying in the UK.

Our club is recognized as one of the oldest established model flying clubs in England.

We currently have two flying sites, the home site on Chingford Plains and a private site at Stapleford Tawney.

CMFC promotes the flying of all types of model aircraft (Subject to size restrictions). Free training is available which, for beginners, is conducted on a buddy lead. This provides dual controls for instructor and student.

Flying and training facilities for helicopter disciplines are available at our Chingford site.

The club also has a club model trainer available. This can be used to provide a hands-on experience to potential newcomers to the sport.

Inexperienced flyers are supervised at all times. Members are encouraged to gain through the club, a minimum of the A certificate standard under the B.M.F.A achievement scheme, before flying unsupervised.

In order to promote maximum safety, the club enforces strict safety rules including for example a 35 MHZ frequency control system, which must be adhered to. Following a comprehensive fact gathering mission, CMFC has now adopted the use of 2.4 GHZ as well as 35MHZ on both sites. An additional safety system has been put in place regarding the use of 2.4 GHZ within the club.

The future of the club depends on the support of its members.

We look forward to introducing more flyers to this exhilarating sport / pastime.

Membership fees and further information can be obtained from the membership secretary.