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  cmcf logo   Chingford Model Flying Club is one of the oldest in England, founded around 1936. Our primary flying site is on Chingford Plain and we have another rented site near Epping. Our membership varies from year to year but we currently have around 35 members with a range of abilities, from learners to 'A' and 'B' test flyers.



If you are interested in learning a bit more about our hobby and whether it might be something you would like to try then why not come along and meet us.

Email us in the first instance to find out when we are likely to be out flying and we'll try to arrange to have members come out and help with any questions you may have. We may also be able to arrange a test flight with an instructor on one of our trainer planes.

email: info@chingfordmfc.co.uk


COVID-19 UPDATE: We have come to the end of a period of lockdown. Our club will be flying again and will be able to consider new member applications. There will be issues around training people safely. Masks may be needed and sanitiser required for shared equipment. If you are interested in joining you can contact us on the email address above. If you are a novice it might be better to wait until June as we have a waiting list of applicants to catch-up with that lockdown has prevented us from meeting. If you hold an 'A' certificate or above we might be able to meet sooner as training will not be such an issue.

    CMFC is afiliated with THE BMFC Chingford Model Flying Club, Club No. 55 All content © Chingford Model Flying Club